El Shaddai Evangelistic Ministry

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Welcome to El Shaddai Evangelistic Ministry. This Ministry is a Bible believing, Bible Preaching ministry with a vision of healing the broken hearted, preaching deliverance to those captive by the concerns of drugs and abuse, lonliness and despair and the recovery of sight to those who have been blinded by the cares of this world and have lost their way.

This ministry would truly be blessed to fellowship with you; ministering as of the ability that God has given.

It is our hope and prayer to encourage youths and adults of all walks of life to put God, in the name of Jesus Christ; first in their lives that they might know him and truly be saved.

Evangelist Anthony J. Tolbert

About the Evangelist

Raised in the Baptist Church Evangelist Tolbert accepted the call to preach in May of 1987. Seeking Gods face he soon found that holiness was more than a word, but a way of life and soon therafter founded El Shaddai Evangelistic Ministry.

I seek not te riches of this world, but only to do Gods will in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Evangelist Anthony J. Tolbert